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Ford Releases 2007 Edge pricing

2007 Ford Edge

Ford has priced the 2007 Ford Edge identically to the 2007 Explorer, with stickers starting just below $26,000. The new crossover vehicle hits U.S. showrooms in November.

The front-wheel-drive Edge, which starts at $25,995, boasts of standard equipment such as 17-inch wheels and tires, side curtain airbags, stability control, a six-speed automatic transmission and Ford's new 265-horsepower 3.5-liter V6.

The all-wheel drive version meanwhile, starts at $27,645. Both models will be offered in base and SEL trim levels. Among other options are 18-inch wheels and tires, a DVD navigation system, DVD rear entertainment system, reverse-sensing system and panoramic two-panel glass sunroof with dual power shades.

A larger crossover vehicle based on the Ford Fairlane concept is slated to begin production in spring 2008. Ford auto parts are available at Ford Parts Online.

Aston Martin Coming on Sale Soon

One of the brands of Ford, Aston Martin, is expected to go on sale before this year ends. According to Aston Martin’s CEO Ulrich Bez, Ford Motor Co. will sell the British sports-car subsidiary however the U.S. automaker could retain a minority stake of around 10%.

Bez announced his secured financing for a proposed management buyout of Aston Martin as reported by a German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The newspaper also estimated a $1 billion sale but Ford is still lurking for other offers.

London’s Financial Times earlier reported that Bez and William Clay Ford, Jr., Ford’s chairman, had an information agreement with regards to more than a year’s worth of ownership of Aston Martin. The newspaper also included a sale price of about $750 million for the Ford luxury car.

Ford Focus the Perfect Solution for Increasing Gas Prices

2007 Ford Focus

Gasoline prices are increasing everyday. In fact more and more people are encouraged to commute instead. Why? Since owning a car would not only entails for gasoline expenses but also for other expenses such as repair and maintenance of the car.

But don’t let high gas prices scare you away from purchasing a car though. Remember that car manufacturing technology has advanced and developed immensely that even gasoline problems of car owners have been given appropriate solutions.

As a matter of fact, Ford has developed a new breed of cars that can provide better gas mileage. An example of which is Ford Focus which offer excellent gas mileage with a little zing. Ford Focus offers two engines (Duratec 20 16V 14 and the super clean Duratec 20E) that are absolute gas savers getting up to 37 mpg on the highway.

With a Ford Focus you can go on a road trip anytime you want without having to worry about your gas consumption. Ford Focus is truly the perfect solution for the ever increasing gasoline prices.

Ford to Make Waves with New Clean Diesel Trucks

Ford is making sure that its new line of truck products will certainly cause a stir. Joining the trend of making the cleanest most environmentally friendly vehicles the automaker will usher in America’s clean diesel era with the introduction of its new 2008 F-Series Super Duty pickup early next year.

The 2008 F-Series Super Duty pickup is powered with a 6.4 liter power stroke engine which is one of Ford’s quietest and cleanest diesels ever.

Set to be unveiled at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas on September 28, the new truck will be the first pickup engine in North America to use a high precision, high pressure, common-rail fuel injection system featuring piezo-electric injectors. These advanced injectors allow ultra precise timing of fuel injection for quietness and better emissions.

Lincoln gets Engine Upgrade

2007 Lincoln MKZ

The 2007 Lincoln version of the midsize Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan goes on sale this month with a new name—MKZ. The new car replaces Zephyr—and will be equipped with a new, more powerful engine. The 2007 MKZ is the first among Ford products that will eventually run the 3.5-liter, 263-hp, 249-lb-ft V6. The engine, MKZ’s only powerplant for 2007, is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Starting price for front-wheel-drive models is at $29,890 while all-wheel-drive versions (a Lincoln car first) begin at $31,765. Prices include $715 destination fees.

The New Way Forward Plan

Ford Accelerated Way Forward plan

Ford announced its new Way Forward Plan 2.0 which is also called the Accelerated Way Forward plan. Will this involve more job cuts and more sales for the company’s luxury car models?

The Detroit Free Press informs that the brands under Ford will survive this storm. Aston Martin will continue to be on sale. The company’s other eight brands would not be experiencing sudden death which happened to General Motors’ Oldsmobile.

Ford was accused of being too emotional for keeping the Mercury brand. Many car companies are pointing out that Ford should get rid of Mercury. Keeping the brand alive, they say, is an obvious expense. The funds are better spent elsewhere rather than on Mercury.

Ford's Battle Continues

Ford logo

Ford is a big name in the car industry. It signifies elegance, power and money. There was a time when Ford was the king of the hill when it came to great cars. Lately however, it seems that the mighty Ford is slowly bowing down to competition. Several months ago it raised eyebrows when backed out from going head-to-head with Toyota in producing hybrid cars – retracting on its earlier pledge to deliver 250,000 hybrids by the decade’s end.

Negative speculations about the present standing of Ford continue to grow as the automaker struggle to wiggle out of a series of financial woes, decreasing market share, closing down of plants, cutting down of jobs, trimming down dealerships, and just recently a change in its very top brass management. Will Ford survive? Maybe yes, maybe no – but it certainly won’t go down without a fight.

Fortunately, it has not yet stopped its production of Ford Auto Parts which is good news for Ford owners. If you want affordable and genuine parts then search for a reputable Ford Auto Part dealer online.

Ford Stops the Production of Mercury Monterey, Freestar to Follow

2006 Ford Freestar

Ford is making a major decision to stop the production of its minivans starting this year. The first on the list was the Mercury Monterey which stopped production last week. The Monterey was reported to have a drop of 43% in its sales this year.

Meanwhile, the Freestar will reportedly discontinue its production this coming spring, with its 27% decline in sales. Ford’s Sterling Heights, Michigan plant will end production of the minivans’ transmission in November.

Ford auto parts are still available online at Ford Parts Online.

New PZEV Badge for Focus

Ford PZEV Badge

Green is in for Ford as the Focus receives a new badge to denote its PZEV four-cylinder engine. Having a badge of Partial Zero Emission Vehicle or PZEV means that the new vehicle will be 80% cleaner than the average 2007 model-year vehicles and will likewise carry an extended emissions warranty. Both Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans will get the same engine.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for quality Ford auto parts, like Ford A/C condenser, Ford hood, Ford lights and Ford Top Panel you can visit Ford Parts Online.

“Bait Car” helps nab car thieves

Bait Car

Since the implementation of its “Bait Car” program, the Arlington Police Department has made five arrests including that of two juveniles.

Video cameras and tracking devices are placed in these bait cars then parked in areas where most incidence of car theft occurs. A computer machine that automatically shuts the engine off is also installed on the car. Policemen are then sent out on the location whenever the bait car gives the signal.

In Tarrent County last year, 7,374 vehicles worth more than $63 million were stolen. The Tarrant Regional Auto Theft Task Force said that Chevrolet pickups, Ford pickups, Dodge pickups, Honda Accords and Honda Civics including its car parts are the most stolen car brands.

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