Aston Martin Coming on Sale Soon 

Aston Martin Coming on Sale Soon

One of the brands of Ford, Aston Martin, is expected to go on sale before this year ends. According to Aston Martinís CEO Ulrich Bez, Ford Motor Co. will sell the British sports-car subsidiary however the U.S. automaker could retain a minority stake of around 10%.

Bez announced his secured financing for a proposed management buyout of Aston Martin as reported by a German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The newspaper also estimated a $1 billion sale but Ford is still lurking for other offers.

Londonís Financial Times earlier reported that Bez and William Clay Ford, Jr., Fordís chairman, had an information agreement with regards to more than a yearís worth of ownership of Aston Martin. The newspaper also included a sale price of about $750 million for the Ford luxury car.

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