F-150 Soon to be an Office 

F-150 Soon to be an Office

Talk about overachievers.

Inside Line reports that the centerpiece of Ford Motor Co.'s exhibit at the upcoming Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show this November will be an F-150 pickup truck modified with a computer system that was developed with Microsoft. Essentially, it will allow contractors to have a "rolling office."

ford f-150

Also according to Inside Line, the customized F-150 features a laptop computer with a charging system that is built into the center console. The truck includes a credit card reader that would allow a contractor or other worker to order supplies while on the road. Hmm. Very nice. Think about all the time, money and effort you can save. I own an F-150 myself, and for the past three years that Iíve had it, itís been a real big help especially on trips when I have to lug a lot of things around. Itís been real good to me Ė and so far, Iíve kept it running smoothly by always sticking to regular maintenance schedules and making sure that I never delay replacing worn or damaged auto parts like wheels, mirrors and headlights. Just recently Iíve ordered new floor mats from Ford Parts Online for the truck just to keep the look inside nice and comfy.

But this new, customized Ford F-150 (reportedly to debut in the 2007 model year), is exciting me really nicely.

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Comment Have you heard of or ever seen a "portable office" (truck conversion)?

Tue Nov 1, 2005 2:22 pm MST by Vic Mastronardi

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